The most popular fashion trends of 2022 are…

The 2022 trends seen on the runways in September will be more difficult to interpret as this climatic transition season gets murkier, with warm spring days that turn into winter at night. You might be tempted to forgo 2022’s most important fashion ideas, which were shown on the catwalks in September, in favor of a 24/7 comfy sweater and leggings situation. But that would be a mistake, as the trends we’ve seen point to a more complex future for fashion than we could have imagined even a few months ago.

The upcoming reemergence wave will be even more metrosexual than the previous, thanks to the growing popularity of Y2K style. From bright colors and patterns to strong silhouettes like bubble dresses, volume tops, cutouts galore, and ultra-low rises on pants and skirts, spotlight-stealing clothing with a happy attitude is key. And since we’ll all be spending more time at home than ever, self-expression through fashion will likely increase as a way to feel good and look good on Zoom calls.

Accessories are also part of the celebration. Chunky-AF platforms, vivid bags, and a more-is-more jewelry style that mixes beads, pearls, and rhinestone-decked baubles are all examples of this. In terms of hair, the return of the half-up, half-down style (a.k.a. “hun bun”) is imminent, as are low ponytails with lots of baby hairs left out to frame the face. And although natural makeup looks will still have their moment, don’t be surprised if you see people going a little more glam with their at-home beauty routines in 2022.

As you can see, the fashion trends of 2022 are all about having fun and enjoying life despite the challenges we may face. So go ahead and rock that bubble dress or chunky platform shoes – your future self will thank you for it!

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